and then there were two...

i'm not much of a crier....
to be honest, it kind of annoys me....
the puffy eyes
the snot
the black mascara tears 
the not being able to breathe...

well...right now i have all of that.
my eyes are so puffy that it hurts to blink:(
i was literally sobbing while i was blow drying my hair this morning and then looked at myself and laughed a little because have you ever seen someone blow drying their hair and crying?
trust me, it's kinda funny...

why all of this sadness?
my little sister, laura, moved to connecticut today
(omg just typing that sentence i have tears running down my cheeks again)
she is following her heart and going to live with her boyfriend who goes to school in ct, 
and while i'm happy for her to start a new adventure,
and proud of her for being so brave, 
i feel like a part of me is missing...

so i've had my day of sadness...
and i already miss her like crazy,
but i'm not one to dwell on the sad,
so instead i'll share some of our fun crazy pics and know that she is happy...
which makes me smile:)

don't you love the many hair styles/colors of melis and laur?
that's not even half of them;)

and here she is all ready to go...

and then there were two....

we love you laur...always and forever:)
be pretty~melis


  1. shes so lucky to have a sis that cares about her so much!!

  2. OMG, I cried reading this post. Sad for you, happy for your sister. - Your caramel girl