happy december

happy december pretties!  it's time for the most glorious month of the whole year...and why is it so special??  not because it's christmas time...not because it's acceptable to eat delicious treats almost every day...not because there seem to be an abundance of things that sparkle...it's the best time of year because it's my birthday...and this year i'm turning the
big 3-0!!!  

so to start off this month of celebration i thought i would share some things that i'm loving right now...you know in case someone wants to buy me a present...or two!

ashley from the shine project is doing amazing things and i'm obsessed with these awesome personalized bangles from her new line threads which employs students to help them pay for college!  how cool is that??  and p.s. i would want mine to say be pretty;)

i have several prints already from the amazing leonora over at yellow heart art, but i'm loving the cute feathers and even cuter quote on this print available here.

um rose gold AND a bow...done and done!  you can find this pretty here from make pie not war.

eeeekkk how adorable are these handmade heart bowls from ross lab?  i must have them!  

and what's a birthday without some sweet treats like my fave caramels from nicole at the caramel jar.  if you read my blog you already know my obsession with these goodies.  i'm thinking i need the caramel club...caramels sent to me for 6 months...delish!!

soooo happy shopping...uh i mean happy december!

be pretty~melis

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