my word...dream

ever since i was little i've been certain of two things about myself...
1) that i would always be a dreamer
2) that one day i would be famous

ok so i know #2 sounds a little ridiculous...i mean i think everyone at some point growing up wants to be famous, but i was certain, and still am that one day i'm going to be a part of something that will be a big deal.  i don't know when or how, but i know in my gut that that big moment will happen in my life and i've known it for as long as i can remember.

so a few days ago i was reading the lovely casey's blog and saw that every year she picks a word for the next huh?

my word for 2013 is

i actually spent a few days thinking of several words and all of them i loved and wanted to embrace for this next year, but dream seemed to be the most appropriate for where i am in my life.
like i said, i've always been a dreamer...sometimes to a fault, but to me there is no other way to live.  


and sometimes i think that i don't dream big fact, i know that i don't dream big enough.  sometimes i'm afraid to think of what might happen if all of my dreams did come true.  
how would i handle that?



so for 2013 i'm going to live my dream.  i'm not going to hold back what i know i can accomplish.  i'm going to think big, work hard, and make my dreams a reality.  and who knows...maybe this year i'll be famous...


be pretty~melis

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