tomorrow is new years eve and i feel like this past year has just been a whirlwind of crazy things that i never thought would happen.  so here's a few of the highlights of 2012.

at the beginning of the year i had a boyfriend who spent 4 months at bootcamp...he came home and i had a fiance during fireworks on july 3rd...and then on august 24 on a beach before sunset, i had a husband.  definitely my most favorite times this year...

in mrd land, i rocked out fashion week at Henri Bendel, had one of my designs worn by Jaime King on the CW's, Hart of Dixie(which i still have to blog about), had one of my pieces featured in Southern Lady Magazine, and met some amazing new fans and friends along the way!  i'm so excited for what's in store for mrd in 2013...big things all the way!!

2012 also consisted of new scenery for everyone in my family!  my parents and austin moved to texas in the summer, shortly followed by johnny and i.  ian moved back to chicago and laura moved to a new part of connecticut.  if you would have told me at the beginning of the year that half my family would be in texas by the end of the year i would have laughed in your face, but i'm so happy we all jumped right in and started new adventures!

overall this year is going to be a tough one to beat, but i can't wait for what lies ahead!  
bring it 2013!

be pretty~melis


  1. wow so many amazing things! How exciting about the magazine and tv feature!! Thats crazy cool. You are amazing. ♥♥♥

    1. thank you love! it was a pretty epic year:)