cat ears

 Well friends, it's November.  The start of 2 months of crazy holiday fun is upon us, but before we jump into all that I wanted to talk about Halloween.  It's usually one of my most fave holiday's and with my friends back home, something we always looked forward to every year.  But a few problems this's hard to get into the halloween spirit when it's 85 degrees out, people in SA don't really embrace dressing up in costume (I seriously did not see one person even in black and orange), and I have no friends here to have a party.  Yes, this is my sad lonely life now.  So I whipped up some quick cat ears, threw on my black and orange and did my best.  So yeah...that was my Halloween...and I think today I will go buy a new xmas tree...

cat ear headband: MRD, dress: nordstrom, flats: loris

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