the voice

 it's official...after living in texas for a year now, i've turned into that crazy person that is freezing when it's in the 50's.  i mean i lived almost my entire life with snow and wind chills below zero and yeah it was freezing, but you just live with it....and now here i am shivering when it gets below 60.  it's a sad, sad day friends. 

headband: MRD, necklace: free people, top: apricot lane, skirt: forever 21

 on a happier note, this lovely studded twisted turband was gifted to the stylists of The Voice for consideration for the show!!  MRD has been on a tv kick lately so fingers crossed that one of the amazing singers this year ends up rockin' this pretty...or you know...maybe Xtina...seriously how cool would that be...i'm going to start visualizing it now!!!
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