mrd girl kristen

it's mrd girl monday!!  woohoo!!  i seriously made sooooo many headbands this weekend!  between new boutique orders and all of you amazing girls that are buying the two toned turbands on brickyard buffalo (which you can still snag at 50% off HERE) i was a busy girl.  literally every inch of me was covered in chiffon fluffs and speaking of fluffs this pretty girl is rockin' hers!

1) where do you live and what do you do? 
i live at Vandenberg AFB in California and i am currently a stay at home mom <3 b="">

2) what's the one movie you could watch every day and still love? 
P.S. I love you .. something about it makes me smile laugh and cry all at once...such a great movie :)

3) three most fave things to eat...because really who can pick just one? 
sushi , chips and salsa , and cereal :)

4) fave place to shop? 
VS pink stores...i cant get enough of that stuff!

5) what is your "go-to" starbucks drink? 
iced vanilla Chai tea soy  :)

6) what is your guilty pleasure tv show? 
snooki and jwoww...LOL i know i know i just get sucked in hahaha :)

7) what do you love most about mrd? 
i love that there is something for everyone, everything is so stylish and can dress up even jeans and a T shirt :) i just cant get enough :)  

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