workin' on my fitness

i hate working out.  like really dislike it...but now that i've started working more during the day i don't eat much and then i come home and pig out and it's definitely starting to show...and you can't exactly hide your imperfections in texas's just too damn hot.  so i guess that means i should start doing some type of physical activity...i just really don't like being sweaty and gross...yuck.

but i guess if i'm going to start working out i should at least look cute right?  that's why i love this tee from T shirts 314!  it's the perfect little tee for my "workout look"...and if i was actually working out i prob would not have a side pony and heavy eye make-up (ok maybe i would).  

i also wore a tee from T shirts 314 here and I love how they can be dressed up or super casual! and don't forget you can get 20% off all the tees you want with code lovetshirts!  also let me know if you guys have any fun workouts that you love to do!!


  1. LOVE the shirt! I need to get myself one! And girl, you look amazing! If I had your body I wouldnt want to work out either! haha

  2. LOVE this shirt!
    And the black bear one on their site!!!!

    Ummm.. I hate working out... And I don't enjoy this one but I definitely saw results fast. But I stopped. HA!
    It's the Supreme 90. It's a knock off of P90X, and a helluva lot cheaper. It definitely kicks your butt and I know I wasn't doing everything that they were telling you to do.
    It's very motivating, though!