so unless you live under a rock you know that starting in july stores usually start putting a bunch of their summer stuff on sale...even though summer is kinda just starting in some places.  but in the world of fashion we are always thinking way, way ahead so bits of fall are starting to show up in the shopping world.  deep rich colors, amazing knits and leathers, boots galore...and even though i always want it to be fall, i find myself really craving it...probably because i know i can't have it.  and then i get sad because fall does not exist in least not the fall i, yellow, and orange hued trees, crunchy leaves, dark slightly overcast clouds that swallow up the sky,  that cool breeze that doesn't bother you because you are wearing a cute little beanie and chunky sweater, and the smell of back to school (you know that smell exists).  and this will be my first year without i think the only solution is a little trip back home...until then i will just wear my fall lovlies...and sweat to death;)

headband: mrd, necklace: free people top: free people, slip: free people
shorts: forver21, sandals: sam edelman

and don't forget we're continuing our xmas in july sale this whole week!  then we're going to close the shop until august to prep our new pretties for fall!!  hooray!!

 photo sig_zpsc63dd0bc.png


  1. You can always come see the foliage in Boston !!

    I thought I was crazy for already planning our fall scarves... I'm glad I'm not alone!


  2. Love this necklace, it reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

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