now twirl

you guys it's friday...but that is not why i am happy.  i am happy because i finally got the perfect twirl pic!!  i mean hello, is it not amazeballs?!?  oh the little things that make me smile.

i am also happy because in less than two weeks my little sister will be here visiting!  we're planning on getting tats when she's home and i still haven't decided what i want yet...eeekkk!!  

i am also happy because palazzo pants are back and that's basically like wearing pjs in public, but not actually wearing pjs in public.  i just got the most obnoxious pair and i can't wait to show them to you!!  they are gone with the wind twirl!

bow headband: mrd (coming soon), dress/tunic: free people
boots: kensie (so old but i love them), necklace: dd & bells

and i had to add this last pic because my little bro, who is the best and always takes my pics for me, was making fun of me because of how oversized this tunic is.  i said i could fit several people under it and he said not if i keep eating like i do...hence this face!  we make fun of each other all the time because we both try to be really healthy and then we look at each other and we're like, yes let's get mcdonald's...

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