every time i wear this cardi i think of michael jackson in thriller...which makes me think of jennifer garner in 13 going on 30...which makes me want to act like a grown up child...oh wait...'s monday...blah...BUT this is SISTER WEEK!!!  laur will be here on thurs, with her new bf, so it will be an awesomely awkward week when they're here and i can't wait!!!  

also i started doing yoga this weekend...and i had no clue how sore it would make me.  i feel like i'm 30 going on 87...which is also how i felt when J and i went and saw Red 2 this weekend...great movie if you're a senior citizen...and speaking of about the sparkle shoulders on this cardi...kinda makes you think of michael thriller...and i'm done.

headband: mrd, cardi: gap, leopard tank: apricot lane, shorts: forever21, flips: havianas

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  1. That really is a fabulous cardi...and I'll be singing Thriller in my head all day. thanks =]

  2. Ahahahahahaha. Very amusing post. You should write a book my dear.