quote tuesday: scary

i've never really been someone who cared what others think of me.  i'm not really sure why, but i just don't worry about other people's opinions most of the time...at least when they come to me.  i've heard my fair share of great things said about me and then my fair share of nasty things said about me, but i've never let those thoughts affect my thoughts of me.  i like me.  i'm pretty awesome sometimes and sometimes i'm a crazy nut job, but that's what makes me, me. 
which leads me to my tuesday quote...so over the weekend i heard that i'm kinda scary and intimidating when first meeting me...and i thought that was so funny because i don't think i'm scary at all.  sometimes when meeting new people i'm actually kind of shy, but i certainly didn't think i was scary.  maybe it's my bluntness.  it's really hard for me to be fake so i guess i can see how my honest say anything personality can scare someone...but it still cracks me up just thinking about it.  

what have you guys heard about you that you think is crazy funny??  fill me in!!

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  1. Haha people say the same thing about me! I love the quote as I refuse to sugar coat too! Too funny!