my weekend in insta's

 how is it monday already??  my weekend went way to fast...probably because i was either working on bendel bands or laying in bed with a cracking face...seriously does anyone else have crazy sinuses that CRACK???  it's so messed up!  anyways i thought i would share some highlights of my weekend via instagram...and if you're not following me yet then you better get on it!  so i played free people model which is always a fun time!
 i also ate a lot of crap...including sweet tea and goldfish for breakfast one day...and then waffles with fried bananas the next...yum!!!

 i also contemplated getting bangs i do every single fall...but instead decided to just chop off a couple inches from my hair...woot!

oh yeah...and i scored some awesome phillip lim bags at target.  i kinda wanted the boom sweatshirt but figured everyone and their mother (literally) was going to have it so i passed.  the good thing about fashion clueless san antonio is that even though i didn't get up at the crack of dawn there was still a lovely selection of goodies for me to shop through!  hooray!!

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  1. Oh I like the bangs! I cut mine every fall, too, but not this year because baby boy will be born in January so I'm actually growing them out so that I can just pull it back when necessary