quote tuesday: feeling blah

morning lovlies!  so i was thinking since i have to do"quote tuesday" for one of my 27 jobs that i currently have, i would also start sharing some on the blog!  genius, i know...

so lately i've been feeling a little blah.  back home (and i know tx is my new home but i'm not ready to admit that yet, which may be part of my problem...eeekk) this was my fave time of year.  we all know i love fall so i'm not going to go on and on about it again.  and as much as i love having sunny days in fall/winter, my body...my soul...craves gloomy moody fall days.  it's days like those that allow me think, and stew, and figure out what my next move it.  

in tx, it is just hot.  and sunny.  and i'm sure you're rolling your eyes and are thinking omg stop complaining, but i feel like i'm going cray crazy.  the heat and the sunny skies are in a sense making me sad...i feel lazy and unmotivated and have no idea what to do next.  i can't even drink a pumpkin spice latte unless it's iced and that whole point of the PSL is get it scorching hot while you're walking outside in boots and a chunky sweater...ugh.  

i know moving to texas was the right thing to do at the time...i honestly would be lost without my family near me.  and for J it's been amazing for his career.  as for me, i'm having faith that texas will grow on me...and i know part of that happening is me letting it in.  until then, i'm going to trust that the next amazing thing is just around the corner.

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