shorts and bows

happy monday loves!  not to rub it in but i'm wearing january.  which makes me giddy...until i get hit with crazy random symptoms from cedar allergies which i think is the single worst thing about texas.  i hope you never have to experience the horribleness that is cedar...ugh.  but anyways...speaking of texas (because you know that's all i do now), i'm finally starting to realize that this is now my home.  i know that sounds crazy, but i was writing my address down this weekend for something and it hit me...  
and when i said that out loud, i didn't cringe, or long for my old home, or get super sad.  i think i have finally started to embrace my new home...because lets be honest...who doesn't want to wear shorts in january?

AND i have super exciting MRD news to share!!!  two of our new spring bands (that will be available next week when the shop reopens) are featured in the latest issue of Girls' Life magazine!  such a perfect way to start off the year for the line...i see big things happening this year...big things!!

 bow band: MRD (available next week), top: apricot lane, shorts: free people
booties: free people, ellie necklace: target

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  1. Congrats on the magazine! So cool!!! And, I feel the same way. Texas is now my home. The first year I moved here, I thought...we'll go back to Chicago...then...some more time passed and I realized how much i LOVE Texas! We've been here almost 3 years and I've officially embraced being a Texan! And, the weather is a great perk!