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 it's a week into the new year and what have i accomplished?  well lets see...i watched the entire first season of House of Cards on netflix in a day...yes that means i sat on my ass for about 13 hours straight.  i worked out twice...which for me is actually pretty good.  tested out some new recipes, which were quite delish if i do say so myself.  went on a double date with one of J's fellow officers...hooray for new friends!  and have done a little too much online shopping.  

sequin beanie: vintage, tee: urban outfitters, cardi: apricot lane, jeans: hudson

my goal for the second week of the new out three times, read my library books, and start some spring cleaning...i like this new relaxing thing i've got going on...i should it do it more often!
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  1. Love the cardigan!!! Love YOU!! :) Yeah, I need to work out more myself...not a great start to 2014 with that!! xoxo