blanket scarves and stripes...

 I don't really consider myself a "preppy" person, but something about navy nautical boatneck striped tops gets me every time...and then pairing it with a plaid blanket's just the perfect preppy match!  Do you guys have a blanket scarf yet?  I have 5...and they are amazing!  Two of them I use as legit blankets because they are so big, but they are just an easy accessory to totally up your outfit game.  All I'm wearing are boyfriend jeans, my converse, and a simple tee, but adding the blanket scarf totally makes it look like I put lots of thought into looking so put together.  Like I don't have a care in the world and my afternoon was full of laughing with friends, a healthy kale salad, and having my perfect dog walk right by side...when really Henri was not pleased that he also had to wear a blanket scarf while pulling me all over my apt complex, and it was so windy that I was afraid my extensions were literally going to blow off of my head, and I was definitely planning on going to McDonald's as soon as these pics were done...but looking at my outfit you would never know....bwahahahahaha (<---- that is my evil laugh).

And speaking of Henri, I love having him in some of my outfit posts and I hope you do too because you will definitely be seeing more of him...and we will most likely be matching.  Please tell me I'm not the only crazy dog mom out there...and even if I am I don't care.  I mean look at that baby was made to be in front of the camera...and he can totally rock a blanket scarf!

I also realized that today is make a wish and make it a good one!!
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