infinity scarves and plaid dresses...

So is it bad that I get really excited to plan outfits posts so Henri and I coordinate?  He literally has a small section of the closet now for his winter sweaters...I think I need an intervention.  But really it's not my fault that I have the most photogenic fur baby.  It would be wrong to deprive the world of his dashing good looks that are only enhanced by cute sweaters and accessories, right?  Ok you can stop rolling your eyes now...however if you want your fur baby to look extra adorbs then you need to get them an infinity scarf from MO & PEA!  I mean why should only humans get to rock handmade knitted goodness?  Plus this navy one went perfectly with my plaid mini dress...with pockets...which as we all know instantly makes any dress a million times better.  It makes me feel very chic...or that might actually be my little beret beanie.  All I know is H and I are the best dressed pair in my apartment parking garage...#goals.

I hope you guys all have a fab weekend!  It's finally going to be "cold" here so I'm super excited to bundle up!  Plus my brother is coming into town for a quick weekend visit so there will be some crazy fun times with the fam!  See you guys Monday!!  

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