dresses on dresses...

If you know me in real life, or have been following my blog, then you know I love to layer.  I love taking pieces that someone might wear on their own and transforming them with additional layers.  It's a great way to get multiple uses out of certain items in your closet, plus it gives you a look that you know someone else isn't going to be wearing.  

This little floral dress I bought over the summer...and as much as I would love to rock it as the dress that it is, my fat arms told me nope, nope, nope.  And yes I could just throw a cardigan over it, but that's no fun.  You know what is fun?  Throwing a sweater dress over it...yes that is a dress on top of a dress...crazy I know, but totally adorbs!  Now my floral dress almost looks like a flirty little skirt and by adding a little side knot to my sweater dress, it looks like...well...a sweater.  And because this was almost a little too matchy matchy for me I added a lavender lace bralette, which gives the perfect unexpected pop, while adding another fun layer to the look.

And no dress on dress action is complete without some amazing boots.  Now I'm all about the shoes and while I do have shoes that are just cute one season only shoes, quality boots are always a wise investment.  These frye boots I've had for literally like 8 years and they are still one of my faves...and spending a little extra on them totally paid off because they still look great years later.  I mean life is too short not to just buy the damn shoes!

P.S. today is Friday the 13th so make sure and avoid black cats, walking under ladders, and crazy people who think starbucks red cups are the devil...and speaking of starbucks run your little butts over there and get the new gingerbread tea latte...it will change your life...you're welcome.

P.P.S. This sweater dress is a PIKO from Apricot Lane and you're going to want to buy it like yesterday.  I literally have it in all 5 colors, so get ready to see more of it.  PIKOs are the best things ever so you might want to go purchase one...or five...while you can...you're welcome...again.

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