rock that romp...

Want to know a secret?  This romper has been sitting in my closet...with the tags still on it...since last summer...actually it may have been there for two summers...because if I'm being honest...I think rompers are kind of stupid.  I only bought this one because at the time it kind of fit and everyone and their for real everyone AND their mom were buying rompers and I got caught up in it and felt like I should give it a chance and just buy that damn romper.  But then each time I went to put it on I looked in the mirror and was like wtf are you thinking?  It just wasn't really me...and the fact that I chug iced trenta, no water, unsweetened, green teas from starbucks meant fully undressing every time I had to pee and the thought of that was enough to make me hang it back in my closet for another day.

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't wear rompers.  If you like them and can find one that doesn't make you ass look like you're wearing a saggy diaper then by all means rock that romp, but I'm fairly certain that taking these blog pics was the first and last time I will wear this onesie and I'm totally ok with that.  I am also totally ok with my new tennies...that I just happened to find one pair of left in my size because the universe loves me...and knows that I am a Queen Bee!  Plus they make this stupid romper look just a little bit cooler!  

photos by the lovely: Betsy Herndon Photography

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