stay wild moon child...

Happy friday pretties...and happy full moon day!!  Now I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people that is totally in touch with the moon...or maybe it's the moon that is totally in touch with me.  Like I will be extra emotional, or have random times where I'm super anxious and feel like my insides are all fluttery, or feel like something major is coming...and then I find out that there is a full moon within a few days of all of this happening.  And the funny thing is that it happens almost every time, and every time I totally forget and then roll my eyes and laugh when I realize that...oh, it's a full moon tonight, no wonder I've been cray.  

It's almost like the moon is trying to remind me to be more in tune with my surroundings and to pay attention to what I really need in my life at the moment.  And this full moon is in Sagittarius, which is my zodiac sign, so I get extra special moon powers today!!  It also comes at a good time, because J leaves tomorrow for his summer drill for the National Guard so while I will obviously miss him, it will be the perfect time to focus on myself, because we all need a little selfish me time once in awhile.

And in honor of my moon mother, I'm rockin' this adorbs graphic tee from Target which is so comfy and I am loving it paired with my all time fave flares from Free People!  It's the perfect look for staying wild on full moon friday!!  

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