peplum tops and polka dots...

 So my life has been a little stressful lately.  Thankfully a few of the big things that were causing some drama in my life are done with, but there is still the everyday stuff that's been really wearing me down...and all of that combined with the crazy summer heat has really just had me in the worst moods.  The littlest things set me off and most days I want to punch several people in the face multiple times, but it's something I'm aware of and really trying to work on, but it is not easy at all.

So in an effort to try and do something simple to brighten up my mood I've been trying, and mostly failing but still trying, to wear more colorful outfits.  It's easy to be a mega bitch when you're rockin' all black but it's a little harder to be mean when you're wearing pink polka dots and floral peplum tops.  Plus I love that this headband, made my me of course, gives this outfit more of a retro feel...and anything that makes my hair look cute in the humidity I will wear in a second!!

So if you have any tips for me, besides wearing colorful clothes, that can help with my stressed induced anger issues...god I sound like a crazy person...then please pass them along because I need all the help I can get right now!!  Thanks pretties!!!

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