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 Happy Friday pretties!!  So funny story, which if you follow me on insta you've already heard this on my insta stories a few weeks ago, but one of the girls I work with was smelling the candle wax melts at my store...and one of the scents was vintage blossom...which lead her to say that she wished she grew up in an older time the 80s...which was hilarious considering that 
a) I was born in the 80s
b) she thought that the 80s were a million years ago and "vintage"

So, now that we've determined that I'm totally old, I do love that with fashion today you can get inspiration from years past, but give it a modern twist, like with this outfit.  It is definitely giving me a modern flapper vibe which I'm obsessed with!!  This uneven hem dress I've had for awhile and I'm loving it paired with this Beverly Satin Embroidered Kimono from Tobi!!  Add some cutout booties and a mint layered necklace from Apricot Lane SA and it's the perfect vintage inspired outfit!!  And kimonos are a must have for your closet!  They are perfect for layering over anything and just an easy way to give your look a little extra something special!!  

So here's to being "vintage" but looking fabulous!!  Thanks Tobi for helping me complete one of my fave looks and I hope all of you have an amazing weekend!!!

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