thermal tie ups...

Is it fall yet?  I swear, the warmer it gets in SA, the crabbier I get.  And while everyone else is still getting snow, I have to deal with 90 degree days...which for those of you in the snow I'm sure you're thinking
STFU Melis, but seriously this heat blows.  But today is going to be in the low 70s which means I'm wearing a long sleeve thermal and a boho hat because a girl can dream right??

Also my hair is getting to that weird stage where it either needs to be cut into a short bob or I let it grow...and this is the worst time of year for that because if I cut it short then I can't just throw it up in a messy pony when it gets hot...and if I let it grow then it's just flat and lifeless in the humidity.  The struggle is real my friends...good thing I love a good hair accessory!

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg

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