i am 29 going on 4

happy birthday to meeeeeeee!!!!!

today i enter the last year of my twenties...yikes!
it's crazy to me that i am 29...
a) bc i don't look 29...or so i'm often told
b) bc i don't "act" 29...i'm eternally 4...or so i'm often told
c) bc i feel like at 29 i should have accomplished something majorly important...or so i tell myself

soooo after reading this blog post by elsie over at a beautiful mess
i decided to make a goal list with 29 things i want to accomplish before i turn 30...the number after 29;)

here is my 29 before 30...that other number

1) travel to at least three new places
2) write a new song
3) eat healthier
4) be more positive
5) design a dress and learn how to sew it
6) become a better and more consistent blogger
7) get engaged 
8) pay off all of my credit cards
9) get mrd in a major magazine
10) buy a chanel bag
11) see mrd on a major celeb
12) live fearlessly 
13) play in the ocean
14) make a real mrd website
15) be on tv
16) create a lookbook
17) rock a bikini
18) run a 5k
19) learn to swing dance
20) travel to nyc with my mom
21) get a new tat
22) learn a new language
23) become a better photographer
24) learn to meditate
25) bring mrd to the next level
26) cook/bake more
27) design a bridal line
28) throw an amazing party
29)be the change i wish to see in the world:)

be pretty~melis

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  1. Happy birthday, love. I love so many things on your list. I'm waiting to get a strip of black lace tattooed on my collar bone. And if you do get that engagement ring (wink wink, fingers crossed), stop on by. What a treasure it would be to have you.