merry xmas eve!!!

so first off the final winner is....

Emily!!!  (who's comment i LOVED btw)
(email me your addy

thank you to everyone that participated in the twelve days of xmas giveaways!  it was so much fun and i loved reading all of your comments!  you are all so sweet and it made me feel so happy to do what i do:)

all giveaway pretties will be shipped early next week so keep an eye out!!  

i hope you all have a very merry xmas!  
make sure and stuff your face with sugar, laugh til your stomach hurts, and enjoy being surrounded by friends and family and all of that love:)

oh....and this is what i hope is waiting for me under the tree tomorrow...

merry christmas!!!

be pretty~melis


  1. I would be happy with that under my christmas tree too! Just don't tell Vince, lol! Thanks for doing this fun giveaway and the special christmas card/present in the mail! Love you and mila! Merry Christmas!

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