totes a pro ice skater

thought i would share a few bday pics:)
john and i spent the day in the city and went...
i've been wanting to go ice skating on my bday for FOREVER and i was so happy that i finally had the chance.
i was also VERY excited that i did not fall on my ass since this was only my second time ever ice skating...
yay me!
after my feet hurt and my shins were burning we walked over to the bean to take some silly bean pics...
it's kind of required if you're downtown doing "touristy" things.
then lunch and shopping and long train ride home!  
it was perfect:)

like our lets pretend to be asleep on the train and take a pic faces?
BUT this is not where the bday fun ends...
i had dinner with some of my girls that night...
i think all in all i consumed about 1,345,235 calories that day...but it was oh so worth it;)

yay for bday's!
be pretty~melis

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