sinuses are not black and white...

 Another weekend...gone too soon...and here we are again with Monday.  So want to know a random fun fact about me?  Well it's not actually kinda sucks name is Melis, and I have sinusitis.  What is this weird word you ask?  Basically it means I get sinus infections...a a lot a lot.  This all started probably about 6 years ago.  I would get horrible pain in my someone just punched me and then ran over my face with their a big truck.  And every time I went to my dr. he would do the same thing...look in my nose, look in the throat and say, "yeah it's really red and swollen, you have a sinus infection"...ugh no shit dude.  It got to the point where I would have them multiple times a month...and I tried all the meds and nose sprays and nothing seemed to help.
And then I moved to Texas...and little did I know that San Antonio is like the WORST PLACE EVER for people with sinus and allergy problems.  Probably should have done some research on that one because all of a sudden I kept having all of these problems I never had before...headaches, and rashes, and cracking in my face...yes I could literally hear it cracking...and the worse part is I had just gotten used to feeling like shit at some point pretty much every day.  It was rare that in the past 6 years I've had one day where I have felt good all day long.  I basically have just been living with all of these symptoms and it's become my new normal...which sucks, because who wants to live like that?
Well the good news it that I finally found an ENT here that gets it and after having a new CT scan and seeing how messed up my face actually is, this week I'm having a fun little procedure done called balloon sinuplasty.  So basically I'm relying on some balloons to fix my horribly jacked up face and while there is no guarantee that this will help, fingers crossed this will be exactly what I need.  And then when you see me smiling in my blog pics you will know that I don't secretly feel like total shit and like someone is kicking my skull in.  I can't even imagine what a "normal" face pain free day feels like, but hopefully on friday I will find out...and celebrate with champs and cupcakes of course!!  Until then, you can enjoy my adorbs black and white outfit with H, who also has allergies, but that's a story for another day!  Happy Monday loves!!

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