friday flares...

 What's better than the fact that it's Friday?  The fact that it's Friday and I'm going shopping instead of's called a mental health day lol.  The last few weeks of work have been emotionally draining and sometimes you just a need a day to not think about anything at that's what I'm going to do!  Also it's going to be in the 80s again and I feel like no one should have to work when it's February and sunny and 80 degrees I right?  

So I hope you guys having fun slaving away today while I'm fancy free in my flares!  And p.s. this is one of my fave's kind of old lady looking in a way, but I think that's why I bought it.  You can't go wrong with a little grandma chic!!  Peace out pretties!!

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg

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