pink and plaid

 Happy Hump Day Loves!!  Is anyone else feeling like it should be friday already??  And I'm probably the only person that is super grouchy because it's in the upper 70s this week...#TexasProblems.  But do you want to know what doesn't make me moto leggings...and Kate Spade...duh.  I have these moto leggings from Apricot Lane SA in three of which you may have seen in my blog post from monday...just saying.  I literally wear them all the time because they are so comfy and I kind of like that they're a little short so they pair well with booties and with flats!

And in case you didn't know,  my obsession with Kate Spade is REAL!!!  Like any occasion where someone might need to buy me a Valentine's Day (hint, hint) I ask for a Kate Spade!  I'm starting quite the collection and honestly I think J secretly likes that I just send him links with the ones I love because it makes his job so much easier;)  This one is perfect because it has a removable strap so I can wear it multiple it has a hot pink handle which gives it extra cool points!  And in case the hubby is reading the blog today, this new KS would be the perfect V-Day gift!!

And do you like how my hair is like 10 times longer and thicker...gotta love some extensions...but honestly I just put them in for the pics because sometimes they're just so hot and heavy.  My big head isn't used to that much hair and I literally ripped them out after the pics...and then last night I actually chopped my hair into a fun little bob because, why not, so be sure to check out my insta to see some sneak peeks of that!  

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