It's Friday and I'm in love...with this #dogmom graphic tee!!  Seriously isn't it the cutest??  And this was the perfect week to wear it because 3 years ago this week, J and I adopted the most perfect little fur baby, Henri Oliver.  It's still crazy to think how we ever lived our lives without him and that in a few months he will be 5...which basically means that in human years, we will be the same age by the end of the year...creepy.  

As someone who didn't grow up with any pets, it's kind of funny how attached H and I are...we are for sure two peas in a pod and he is no joke, my best friend.  I am that crazy dog mom, that non dog people roll their eyes at and think, um seriously you bought him another shirt?  Henri, no joke, has his own section in my closet with just his clothes.  What can I say, he likes a good outfit, just like his mom.  

So this week I am extra thankful that H was brought into our lives, and that even on my worst days I know that I will always have someone to roll around the ground all cray cray to get me to laugh,  who will willingly pose for endless selfies (for a treat of course) and even though can lay anywhere, will choose to plop half his butt on me before he falls asleep.  Being a #dogmom is one of my favorite things to be and that's because I have my handsome Henri.  

I do wonder though...what is he thinking when he gets dressed up to take blog pics with me.  Or when  he's over something and sits all sassy on the couch is he aware that he's being a brat?  Something tells me he does...and something tells me that he's going to find his voice very soon...

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