suck it...

Do you ever feel like life is just messing with us? is something really amazing and then oh is this big pile of poo.  Seriously how are we suppose to live like annoying!!  Maybe it's because I just watched "This Is Us" which literally kills me every I'm not one to just start crying, but that show just gets me every.single.time...but life is way to short to have to deal with stupid people, and silly drama, and things that just aren't worth our time.  

I feel like the older I get the more petty people get, which is weird because I feel like, um hi, you're a grown up so act like it.   And I'm the first one to admit that I'm a kid at heart, but you can be a kid at heart and still realized that you're an adult and that your actions mean something.  Why all this randomness you ask...I had someone...or several someones...challenge me...who I am.  And let me tell you...if I was a bitch, or did something shitty, I would be the first to own it.  That's who I me out and I will own it and then be yeah, I said that, so what now?  I speak the truth...and to me that's what is important...and if you don't like it then that's on you...but when someone makes up lies about me and puts it out there...that just makes me sad.  The one thing that drives me so crazy is a liar.  I would rather you tell me the most awful thing, but have it be the truth, than have you lie to me or about me.  

So to those that lied...and spread the lies...shame on you.  You make me want to punch you in the face...not so much for lying but because you should be better than that.  You should be setting a better example....shame on you...but some people just suck at life...and I've come to accept that.  So today I just remind myself that as long as J and H and my family love me then I'm good and for all the haters out there...just remember...karma is a bitch.  

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