saved by the kimono...

 So as many of you know...or maybe you have no the fashion world, seasonal collections come out a few months before the actual season.  Now in normal parts of the universe, like back home in Illinois, this made a little more sense because they actually have seasons, but in the south it's kind of ridiculous because it is basically just hot...always hot...ugh it's the worst.  So at my boutique we just got in some "pre-fall" pieces which makes me so kid on xmas morning kind of happy...the only thing that might make me more excited is when target starts getting school supplies (which will be here any day now and I will talk all about it in another post)...but that happiness is kind of short lived because it's like...hooray we just got in this super cute velvet printed dress...and then you're like oh wait it's going to still be 100 degrees for the next 5 months...I literally live in joke.  

However if you read this blog consistently or follow me on insta, then you know I have all the tricks for dressing for cold weather in the hot hot heat.  One of those tricks is chiffon kimonos in "fall" colors, like this one.  And if I layer it over a dark charcoal swing dress and add a cheetah mrd headband, you would think, hey this is the perfect october outfit, when really it's just july and I'm just doing my best to survive, but these are the things you do when fall is your fave time of year and in fashion land fall is coming basically next week.  So thank you fashion gods for giving me a glimmer of hope by providing me with sneak peeks of fall goodness, and suck it texas for being so damn hot!!

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