sweet dreams...

if you've been keeping up with my blog lately you know that johnny and i are currently living with my parents...we basically moved to texas on a whim and until he gets settled with his dream job and we know for sure what part of texas we'll end up in, we figured staying with the parentals wouldn't be
 too shabby...
the hardest part is night time...
i'm usually up late working on mrd things...late for me is midnight...late for johnny is like 4 in the morning.  and since he likes to be close to me, he'll lay in the bed and watch tv or be on the computer with the light on, while i'm going to sleep...sweet that he likes to be near me, not so sweet that it's super bright in the bedroom when i'm trying to sleep.
so i decided to make a cute little eye mask so i could still snuggle with my honey and actually get some sleep!  and i was going to make this a diy post...but i made about four of these before i got it right because i'm a big trial and error kinda girl and because i made so many before i got it just right i didn't really take good notes and measurements for you...soooo how about i just show you how cute it is?

it also makes a lovely headband;)
sweet dreams!!!

be pretty~melis


  1. Oh you are so funny! LOL But that is SUPER cute! A diy would be nice... Maybe if you try again, make or draw a template to share! :)


    1. lol i will definitely try and make it a diy;)

  2. Love it! Are you selling them? I need one as we start to travel this spring. :)

  3. That is so adorable! It's hard to find cute sleeping masks.

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