february free people

sometimes i think i have fashion ADD...
one day i'm super girly ladylike, the next day i'm hardcore edgy, and the next day i'm super casual, but i think that's the great thing about clothes.  you can dress for who you want to be that day and as long as you feel good about yourself you can rock whatever look you want.

lately i've been addicted for free people.  i love that their pieces can all be mixed and matched to bring out all aspects of me...i can be a girly, edgy, casual lady all in one...plus how great would an mrd look with like everything on their website!!  i'm definitely loving some of their new february pieces featured in this fun new short film video!


some of my faves...
bishop crackle leather jacket
peplum tee
circle in the sand tee
delhi dreams skirt

i think it's time to do a little shopping!
be pretty~melis