fashion friday: camo casual

camo, olive, army green...whatever you want to call it, it is one of my fave colors to wear.  whenever i'm shopping i always find myself drawn to that color.  to me it's the perfect neutral that literally goes with everything, so when i found these obnoxiously wide leg pants in my fave color i knew they had to be mine...and since it's time for our monthly road trip to dallas, this is the perfect outfit to be comfy in on a four hour car ride, yet still look cute!

twisted turband headwrap: mila rose designs
necklace: dd & bells
vintage v-neck tee: old navy
arm candy: mila rose designs
wide leg pants: xcvi
flips: steve madden

and i am totes loving our new mrd twisted turbands...
what do you guys think??

be pretty~melis


  1. I'm a sucker for "anything olive" too!!!! Those pants look super comfy!

    And I am IN LOVE your twisted turbands... A LOT ;)

    The one in this post is one of my personal faves!

    And that necklace... What a statement! It compliments your outfit so well!

  2. I totally want to steal those pants from you, they look comfy!