punk rock princess

like any true fashionista, i'm obsessed with project runway.  i always feel inspired to create something new and exciting after each episode...i mean if they can design amazing dresses out of flower petals and blinds, then i can totes add some crazy creativity to new mrd's right?  but the truth is, sometimes it's hard...really hard...to create something new and exciting.  there are days that i literally just stare at my closet full of fabric...yes i literally have a closet full of fabric...and i feel nothing...nada.

and then tonight on project runway, zac posen said something along the lines of...it's sad when a designer makes something that doesn't have any of the designer in it...and it's totally true.  it's easy to get caught up in what i think i should be making bc a certain customer might like it, or a boutique that i'm hoping to be in might be drawn to it.  it's so easy to lose yourself in what other people want...and while yes, as a designer you do have to think of your customer, you can't forget about you...and what you like...and what makes you feel happy.  

so thank you zac posen for reminding me to always stay true to my vision...and to embrace who i am and what i love...and right now i'm feeling like a punk rock princess...rock on pretties!!

stud hair scarf: mrd, heart sweater: conversation pieces, skirt: gap, arm candy: mrd, booties: kensie

be pretty~melis


  1. Your heart sweater is super darling!!!!!!!

    I like this "punk rock princess" look on you ;)

    And I love the stud headband! Brings the right amount of edge... ;)

  2. what size sweater did you get??