happy valentine's day!!

i don't know about you, but sometimes i like getting presents for people i don't know.  there is something exciting about finding something special for someone you don't know too much about.  so this valentine's day i was super excited to participate in the

hosted by caroline & alissa

these lovely ladies partnered up bloggers to get something fun for each other for v-day, including a mug!  i kind of have a mug addiction so i knew i had to be involved, and i am so happy to now have a new blog friend in my swap partner...

danielle from framed frosting

she's so adorable and sent me some amazing goodies!!!

i would just like to say that those salted caramel dove dark chocolates lasted about 5 minutes.  it's a good thing i took a pic of them asap bc they are long gone now!

i hope you all have a very happy valentine's day full of love and candy and things that sparkle...and make sure and stop by danielle's blog to see what goodies i sent to her!

be pretty~melis


  1. omg i love danielle! what a cute mug she sent you!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Aww you both are too sweet! I am SO glad you love your mug Melis. It was so much fun to shop for you and am so happy to hear you enjoyed those chocolates ;)

  3. Adorable package and love the mug!

  4. Oh that mug is precious!!!!

    And I laughed at the chocolate dove comment :) Although I'm now craving them..
    Salt and Sweets are my favorite kind of treats!
    (Wow, I rhymed!)

    What a fantastic idea! And I absolutely love the headband you sent her ;)

  5. Such a cute mug! Love love love the colors in it!

    Andrea from littlelifeofmine.blogspot.com

  6. Glad you guys were paired up! Love all the cute stuff you got! Thanks for joining us! xo!