lets mix it up

 ok...there is a difference between coordinating and being matchy matchy.  i know since i've moved to texas i keep bringing this up, but it's driving me cray cray...everyone so wants to match every little thing that they wear.  the other day at the boutique this woman was trying on a pink and cream chevron sheer top...first of all don't get me started on this stupid chevron trend...i'm SO sick of chevron...on a pillow, sure i don't mind it...tops and skirts and dresses...ugh.  so anyways, she wanted a little cami to layer under the top bc it was sheer and when i asked her what she wanted, guess what she said...white...and then she didn't like the white bc it didn't exactly match because it was pink and cream...not white...so she asked me what color i would suggest...so i gave her mint, royal purple, and yellow...and she kinda just stared at me, like huh those colors aren't in this top why would i wear them with it...i told her to trust me and she ended up buying the mint one...to which i'm sure she went home and paired it with mint pants, and mint earrings, and a mint necklace...

so what's my point?  you can wear things that coordinate, but don't match perfectly.  like this outfit...it's stripes and florals, which don't match.  it's mint and purple, which don't match.  it's a big print and a little print, which don't match.  but guess what?  it's ok...and it works...and i like it...which is really all that matters.  and if you think a mint top would have been better with this skirt, or a navy top to match the navy stripes, i won't judge you...although i may roll my eyes;)

twisted turband: mrd, top: gap, skirt: apricot lane

and just because i can...i'm going to share outfits that mix prints and may or may not match all week long!  hooray!!!