olive ruffles

if i could live in all things olive green and navy and throw in a touch of leopard, i think i would be a very happy girl.  someone asked me the other day if navy was "in"...um hello navy and olive are like neutral colors to me.  they go with everything, they look good on everyone, and they should be worn often....like these ruffle shorts...i've had them like a week and have worn them three times already.  they're so cute and so comfy and i kinda feel like i'm getting away with wearing my pjs in public, but in a cool fashion girl way, not an i don't like wearing real clothes out of the house so i'm going to go shopping in yoga pants kinda way.  i know a lot of you do it, but i don't shop in yoga pants...i mean seriously, with all the cutest out there why would i want to strut my stuff in yoga pants??  gross.

turband: mrd, top: michael stars, shorts: free people, 
wedges: guess, arm candy:mrd & threads by the shine project

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  1. Super cute, love the ruffles. And I actually really like olive and navy too. ♥