on my heart: take a chill pill

so usually i like to keep things pretty light on the blog...you know, clothes, hair, mrd's...but the past few weeks have been slightly drama filled for me.  and i'm realizing that it's not good to keep things bottled up inside.  i'm so used to keeping all my feeling and emotions and stress internal and not really letting it out and it's finally caught up to me.  so long story short, i've been having heart palpitations and crazy pulse and random pains in my arm for awhile now.  i tried to ignore it and focus on other things because J and i haven't had health insurance...and 30 year olds don't have heart attacks right?  well we finally got insurance a few weeks ago so i went to get things checked out...and after a few weeks of doctors and scary tests i found out that my heart is healthy and most likely i'm just really stressed.

i'm SO happy that all my tests came back normal.  i think sometimes things happen like this to remind us that we need to cherish all the amazing things in our life, including our health, and to make sure and take ME time.  i don't really do that.  i work full time at the boutique, i come home and work full time on mrd, and even my days off really aren't days off.  i'm realizing that it's important to take time to do things i enjoy and relax a little...that i need time like that to recharge and let my body heal from all the craziness...and apparently do yoga (according to my dr)....basically i need to take a chill pill and learn to laugh more, and love more, and enjoy life more.  it's so easy to get wrapped up in work and responsibilities that you forget that life is short and you have to enjoy it too!! 

 flower bobby: mrd, tee: free people, jeans: hudson, shoes: steve madden

 so my goal is to work on being a happier and healthier me...because my body has years of built up crazy stress and it's time for me to release it...to let it go...just let it go.
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  1. So glad you are okay and healthy! Unfortunately as much as we try to avoid it, drama sometimes finds us.

  2. Im glad to hear you are ok, and working on taking better care of yourself. I too have had to go to the dr. recently because my body was just all out of whack and I found myself just tired all the time and more and more grumpy. Turns out it was just stress for me too. I was having anxiety attacks and such. :( Of course, for me, a lot of it was from situations around me, not exactly me over-working myself. But still I was trying to keep everything bottled up and forcing myself to be happy-happy and make everything ok... Sometimes it just takes its toll and we need to focus on ourselves. Good for you!

    BTW You look beautiful as always!


  3. Thank goodness everything came back okay! I am the same way though. I am constantly doing and doing for everyone else that I rarely sit. I have a lump on my neck that has recently popped up and I believe it to be stressed related as well. It's crazy how much we get wrapped up into things! It takes a lot of self control to fight the stress! I love reading your posts and your pictures are gorgeous! Keep up the good work and remember to breathe :)

  4. ah you scared me. I am so glad everything is alright. stress can be so scary and is very real tho. hope you find balance and remember to breath pretty girl.
    ps I LOVE outfit pics!!

  5. I've been through a similar issue, and was so relieved to find out it was just stress... at the same time, I couldn't believe my stress could make my body react that way! But yes, learning to relax is such an important thing. Good luck, be well, and enjoy :)