pretty moments with mrd girl krysten

happy monday pretties!  how was your weekend?   my brother, ian, was home to visit for the weekend  so it was nice to have some fun family time.  there are always LOTS of laughs when ian is here...probably because there is always lots of drinking;)  

but's mrd girl monday!!  say hello to krysten from Why Girls Are Weird!!  

1) where do you live and what do you do? 
I live in River Falls, WI and I'm a server in a restaurant.

 2) what's the one movie you could watch every day and still love? 
Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Because Ferris Bueller is a righteous dude.

 3) three most fave things to eat...because really who can pick just one? 
Candy, tacos, and BACON.

 4) fave place to shop? 
Oddly enough, Old Navy.

 5) what is your "go-to" starbucks drink? 
Not a Bux girl but my fav coffee drink is a skim vanilla latte with Raw Sugar sprinkled on the froth.

 6) what is your guilty pleasure tv show? 
The Bachelor.

 7) what do you love most about mrd? 
I love everything feminine and girly and that is totally MRD. All the pretty things just make me happy!

isn't she the cutest?!?  and in addition to rockin' the mrd "lyra" she is also rockin' one of my fave scarves from Quotation Marks!  do you want to be featured as one of the next mrd girls?  email me for more info (


  1. Ah so fun! Thanks so much for including me Melis!

  2. Beautiful!! Thanks for the Quotation Marks shout out!!