the cure is love

Oh hey...remember that time when I said I was going to be much better at blogging and then I totally wasn't and then I said it again and then I totally lied...yeah well...I'm going to try this again...I mean first of the month, new start, right?  This year has literally been a hot mess...which is why I haven't blogged January.  I mean, yes, good things have happened this year...which I'll fill you in on since I'm going to start blogging more regularly...or so I say...but a lot of shitty things have happened this year too...and I'm sure your wondering why there is a random cheesy pic of my dad trying on glasses at the top of this post...well here it goes...
Growing up, I remember that my dad worked...a lot...he almost always had two jobs so to be honest most of my memories from when I was younger were of him working.  My fave was when he had his own photography company and photographed weddings...and he would always bring me home a piece of wedding cake...or two...mmm cake!  This also explains my love of having my picture taken and knowing how to pose...thanks dad!  And even though I was the first born and the first girl, I never thought of myself as a "daddy's girl"...mainly because he was always working hard to provide for our family so I always felt closer to my mom.  

Fast forward a million years later...when J and I moved to Texas after my parents moved here, it was different.  Since we lived with my parents for about a year, I got to see a different side of my dad and I guess reconnect in a way.  Our first year here was a tough one and he was always there to help me through it...from driving me around when I didn't have a car, to making me breakfast tacos, to standing up for me when I needed someone on my side...and he had always been that person...but I finally understood it...that the things he did and how he did it was how he was showing how much he loved me.  He isn't the overly emotional lovey dovey speak how you feel type like my mom, so while obviously I knew he cared, sometimes because I didn't hear it, I kind of took for granted all the amazing things he has done and continues to do for me and my family.

So without going into all the juicy detail of events that have happened over that past year, we recently found out a few weeks ago that my dad has Parkinson's Disease.  Now we have been very, very fortunate that while there have been bumps in the road with my immediate family we are all still alive and kickin' and haven't really had anything super scary to deal this is a very big deal...a slightly scary deal that I don't think any of us have fully digested yet.   And while PD is not the worst diagnosis in the world, it is a disease that currently has no cure.

And while that is the last thing anyone wants to hear, we are going to stay strong as a family...because my dad spent his whole life taking care of us and now that is what we are going to do for him.  Many people live long, happy lives with PD and I know my dad will be one of those people.  And while we still have a lot to learn, I know that I have one amazing family, and we are going to do all that we can to support my dad and help raise money to help find a cure!

I found out that the awareness color for Parkinson's Disease is grey...which in my mind is the new black, so I've created a special line of MRD's all with a touch of grey, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help find a cure for PD.  So if you love rockin' some grey this fall or if you just wanted to help find a cure, then go shop the TEAM CARLOS COLLECTION!!  And if you hate wearing gorgeous hair pretties, or money is super tight, then if you could say a little prayer, or shout out to the moon, or do a happy dance for my dad, I will love you forever!  
If I've learned anything over this past year of "are you fucking kidding me" moments is that family is everything.  I am truly so blessed to have the best family...and while we're not all in the same place, I know that we have the strongest bond and that nothing will break us!  All you need is love, love is all you need.
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