fall into spring

fall is usually my favorite fashion season...lush fabrics, chunky sweaters, italian leather boots...i could go on for days.  however when i moved to texas, i didn't quite comprehend how it would be pretty warm...almost all of the time...i mean knowing that it's going to be great weather, and then actually living here and having the forecast for monday be in the mid 90s in march are two totally different things.  the problem is it may be rising in temps outside, but everywhere inside is freezing!!!!  so in my mind that means it's totally acceptable to wear a tweed skirt in the spring.  yay me!!

hair scarf: mrd, tee: old navy, skirt: anthro, shoes: kensie girl

side note...every time i wear something that seems twirl-able, i attempt to get a fun twirl pic...most of the time they are so horrible, but i think i'm finally getting the hang of it!

be pretty~melis


  1. LOVE it! You rocked the twirl and the outfit!

    1. thanks kristine! trust me, that twirl took a lot of pics to get right;)