thanks bro...

have you checked out all the new pretties in the shop?  i'm slightly obsessed with polka dots...and florals...and's kind of a problem!  and it definitely helps that i have a great photographer to help me capture all of the new mrd hair pretties...aka my little brother austin!  he seriously is the best...he puts up with my obnoxious complaining about needing to take mrd pics and outfit posts...we usually just end up cracking up when i try and smize in pics and fail miserably.

my mom likes to joke that him and i are two peas in a pod.  i think it's because i'm the oldest and he's the youngest...we're just very similar in certain know like we're super smart, totes funny, and ridiculously good looking;)  but in all seriousness he's one of the coolest kids i know and i'm so thankful for all of his help!  love you aust!!

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be pretty~melis


  1. You have the best pictures! Very pretty lady! I love reading your posts and the twinkle in your eye makes me smile. Have a great day!

    1. thank you brooke! you are too sweet:) happy wednesday!

  2. You are KILLING me with the yellow polka dots and florals!!!! I *need* them in a bad way! :)

    I adore your relationship with your brother! I always wondered who took your pics ;)

    I am pretty close with my brother, too. We're very immature when we're together but he's one of my best friends :) We are in our own made up world :)

    1. polka dots and florals are a match made in heaven

  3. Yep I totally see your polka dot obsession!

  4. I loove that floral headband!

    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

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