a little nautical

spring is in the air...well more like summer in texas...and whenever i think of spring, i always think nautical...and this top is the perfect little nautical look...and as you know i love any item of clothing that has a "twirl" factor.  i saw this pop of chiffon trim and i was sold!  and can we just talk about this mint floral necklace for a sec....ADORBS!!!  thanks to all of you that saw my fb pic and convinced me that i need it...like i really needed any convincing;)  

headband: mrd, necklace: apricot lane, top: charming charlie
jeans: forever21, wedges: steve madden

and the twirl pic...i had to do it!  happy weekend pretties!  i'm spending the weekend working on new pretties...hooray!!


  1. YES, YES, YES! YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It looks so great on you!!!! :)

    I love that minty aqua color with navy. Mmmm...
    And red. (Who am I kidding? I love it with every color!)

    I'm a huge sucker for Nautical. And that top has me squirming! So adorable!

    1. lol i had to buy it;) and who knew charming charlie's sold clothes?

  2. just became your newest follower and love love the necklace oh my mint it is beautiful plus your headband is too cute for words and this subtle nautical vibe is spot on cant wait to read more xo


    1. thanks for following megan! off to check out your blog now:) xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. i think i might need to get it in the black and white too lol