winter bodies...

 Well pretties, we survived the first week of the new year...and for me it was a struggle.  First of all, going back to work after having 10 days off is always brutal and then it was unusually cold here which made getting out of my comfy blanket filled bed even more difficult...and then there is the start of the new year, lets be healthy and work out plan.

I'm sure like most of the world, on Jan 1st you thought...hey, this is the year I'm going to get healthy and shed some pounds, and work out I right or am I right?  And I'm right there with you!  Last year I did the same thing...and I worked really hard for like 2 months on eating right and working out and then went in for my physical and had gained weight (and yes most likely I had some muscle instead of fat blah blah blah) but for someone like me who hates working out and loves food, to work that hard and then see that huge number on the scale was then I was like well if I'm going to weigh that much I might was well eat whatever I want and not work out...which is what I did.  And now I'm probably going to weigh even more this year because of all the bad choices I made last year.

So Jan 1st came around...again...and here I am...again...trying to be better.  One thing I'm attempting this year is Dry no alcohol all month.  Now I love my wine and bubbles, but drinking all those empty calories at night was not helping me achieve my summer body so I'm super curious to see how I feel by the end of the month.  I also am doing a 30 day yoga plan, which so far has been nice because it's been a good stress reliever.  

And I'm also trying to meal plan more of my food.  I'm kinda weird in that I love prepping foods and buying containers, but I just get bored with eating the same thing everyday so to start I'm just trying to eat less carbs and eat more greens.  

So we shall see where this month takes me.  I'm only a few days in and so far I'm just really tired and hungry, and really want some taco bell so if you have any healthy eating tips and tricks leave them in the comments below!  Until then I'm going to just hide my winter body underneath oversized cozy sweaters like this one.  Seriously I could live in this sweater forever...and I just might!

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  1. eat as much chicken as you want!!! I know it can get old, but use different seasonings to switch it up. Chicken and vegetables are like FREE foods...munch on organic carrots, snap peas, sliced cucumbers with rice vinegar. The more you have available on hand and ready to eat (sliced up and in baggies) the less likely you will reach for something BAD.
    Love you!!