hot pink and camo...

Before we get all excited that it's finally friday, can we please take a moment to look at H's face?  I mean seriously, I don't know how I somehow got to adopt the most handsome dog ever, but it happened and just can't right now...but back to fashion...

 So one of the great things about living in texas, yes I did just say that there was something good about texas, is that stores tend to mark down "winter" clothes like super cheap...which for someone like me, that finds a way to wear a sweater pretty much year round, is amazing!  No joke you guys, I got this fab hot pink cardi from Anthro for $10...I mean you can barely go to starbucks and spend less than that, and I got this adorbs layering piece!!  

And I just read that neons are going to be huge for spring, so as usual, I'm right on trend!  I was also excited to hear about some other trends like over the top shapes, and sequins during the day...because I also just got a sequin hoodie from Anthro for like $30.  It's funny because sometimes I buy things that may seem somewhat obnoxious, like a sequin hoodie, yet it just makes sense and then it turns up on the runway and I'm like...yep I still got it lol!

And H, is wearing his cute camo sweater because I love hot pink and olive together, and while you will never catch me wearing camo anything, it is adorbs on H for sure!!  I hope you guys have a fab weekend planned...I'm going to be working on some super exciting things that hopefully I will get to talk about soon!!!  Any guesses on what that might be???

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