being a dog mom...

I feel like I say this every friday...but it's finally friday...thank you jesus!!!  You guys this week has been so cray!  There were some major changes at my job...all good for me, but it's just been a little stressful with how it all happened.  And honestly...

 I do my best under pressure so I'm super excited about what's to come, but you know how you know something is coming but you just don't know how or when and then it comes and smacks you in the face and you're like oh shit here we go...yeah that's kinda how this week went.  And what's funny is at the beginning of the week I noticed H was acting a little different.  

Now let's keep in mind that I am not just a dog mom, but like a crazy AF dog mom in the sense that I see H playing with a toy differently, or licking a random spot on his paw, or sleeping in another space and I'm super like in his face like what's wrong with you are you ok type thing.  And we are the dog parents that let our dog sleep in bed with us...yep H just sprawls out in between J and I every night and even though I constantly have either a paw digging into my throat or a butt in my face, I love having him snuggle with us.  Except this week, for a couple nights, H slept either at the foot of the bed, or in his house aka crate.  And me being the cray cray that I am was like why is he not sleeping with us something must be wrong.  
And then yesterday, we took our after work walk with my mom and H was pulling on his leash and wanting to go this way and that way and practically trying to run in the middle of the street with cars and I got so angry and got so stressed because he was acting weird all week...and then my mom said, because she has mom wisdom, maybe he's been picking up on how stressed you've been all week and that's why he's acting this holy shit duh!  

I sometimes forget that how I act doesn't just affect me anymore, but it also affects Henri...and while I know I'm not a regular mom, I am a dog mom (which is just as real), and my stress was making him stressed...which lead to me being even more stressed for making him so stressed.  So once I had my mom reality check I went home and did my yoga and really tried to let it all go, and H and I spent the night snuggling and definitely more relaxed.  Sometimes all you need are some wise words from your mom to make you a better mom...even if your child has fur, and four legs, and basically the most handsome face you have ever seen in your life!

So no matter what kind of mom you are, have an extra glass of wine tonight...and cheers to you...because while it's hard knowing that you're basically in charge of keeping your kids (human and fur) happy and healthy and loved..and's also ok to not be the best sometimes...and as long as you know that, then you will be the best!  Cheers!!

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  1. This is my all time favorite post you've done!!! I'm so happy I'm not the only one who sees this with dogs/animals! I hope this week has started off on a better note!!