quote tuesday: when i grow up

do you ever wonder what you're really supposed to be when you grow up?  and what age exactly is a grown up...in two months i'll be 31...i know, shocking...and i feel no where near what i think a grown up should be.  maybe because everyone i meet thinks i'm like 20 years old...true story...so in my mind i think i'm 20.  thank god for anti aging serums (start them now girls).   when i was younger i wanted to be what every little girl wanted to be...a rockstar, a talk show host, and famous.  obviously i'm the creative brain in the family.  

and even though i'm entering "grown up" age...or what i think constitutes a grown up age, i still have no idea what i want to be when i grow up.  actually i take that back...i still want to be a rockstar, a talk show host, and famous...soooo off to work i go!
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  1. I totally mentioned something like this in one of my previous posts. I'm 27 and don't have a "career." I doubt that I ever will, because I'm not made for corporate America. Haha.

  2. Girl you are famous and a rockstar!! True Story!! I love that you are who you are and always own it so well. You inspire me all the time. PS...I think the only reason I feel "grown up" is because I have my two girls to be a "mother" to. But sometimes when we're rocking out to the radio together or being silly I don't feel so grown up, I just feel like one of the girls. SO I say, BE YOU, and don't ever grow up! ;) PS I thought I was going to be a teacher when I was way little, but in high school I found my calling to be a writer and then I took a "corporate" job to pay the bills. But now I'm a full time writer/social media coordinator/mama and I wouldn't change it for the world. xoxo